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Stock Roof Rack Awning Mount & Accessory Bracket | EXTRA TALL

Stock Roof Rack Awning Mount & Accessory Bracket | EXTRA TALL

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NOTE: Universal Awning & Accessory Brackets are sold individually. Please order the total number you need for your vehicle.

You’ve asked for it, and we’re delivering. Mount your favorite awning (Maxi-trac anyone?) to your stock roof rack without drilling holes in your crossbars or any other trickery. Or use them to mount your hi-lift or shovel where they’re easy to reach but out of the way. We’ve designed our awning mounts in three versions to give you ultimate flexibility:

The EXTRA TALL mount is designed to wrap underneath the stock rail and extend upward. It will accommodate awnings with mounting channels up to 4.75” apart. This is to accommodate offerings like those from OVS with mounts that are spaced further than the standard ~2”.

Also check out the LOW bracket and the HIGH bracket.

All brackets:

  • Sold as SINGLE brackets. Be sure to order the right number for your awning/accessory!

  • Come in matte black powdercoat.

  • Include the necessary hardware for mounting to your stock rack.

  • Both brackets extend out 4” from the inside edge of your stock rack roof rail.

We have confirmed fitment of these brackets on:

  • GX470

  • 5th Gen 4Runner

  • 4th Gen 4Runner

  • 200 Series Land Cruiser/LX570 (NOTE: the rack changed for 2016+ models and likely will not work)

  • 100 Series Land Cruiser/LX470

  • 80 Series Land Cruiser/LX450

  • 2nd Gen Sequoia

  • 1st Gen Sequoia

The brackets will NOT mount to:

  • GX460

  • LX570/600 (2016+)

  • Any vehicle that does not have an inside channel on the roof rails as seen in the photos

  • Tube-style racks like the FJ Cruiser or TRD Pro 4Runner Rack

May work on other vehicles.

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