How to install your Comms Rail in your GX470

How to install your Comms Rail in your GX470

What you’ll need for the install (only necessary if you’re screwing the Comms Rail in place):

  • Drill with 7/64” bit
  • Screwdriver

If you’re not screwing the Comms Rail in place, you do not need any additional tools to install.


Getting started…

Your Comms Rail should have arrived with heavy-duty double-sided tape already applied.

To get started, simply peel the remaining backing off each piece of double-sided tape.

Next, carefully align the Comms Rail to the bottom panel of the clock trim. You want the Comms Rail butted up against the control buttons so that the cut-out in the Comms Rail aligns to the button panel. Once aligned, press the Comms Rail firmly in place and hold for a 20-count to allow the tape to set.

If you do not want to drill into your trim panel, then this is the last step of the install. (We’d highly recommend that you allow the tape to set for an hour or more before you begin attaching accessories to your Comms Rail.)

NOTE: It is up to you to carefully assess the stability of your Comms Rail if it is only taped in place. We don’t have a specific weight capacity for the Comms Rail, so please use your best judgement. If you decide in the future that you want to screw the Comms Rail in place, simply follow the instructions below.

Screwing the Comms Rail in place…

Using the holes in Comms Rail as guides, use your 7/64” drill bit to drill out each of the mounting holes. If you’re installing the carbon fiber Comms Rail, be extra careful as you drill; the drill bit can grind away the carbon fiber around the holes.

⚠️ Be careful not to drill more than 1/2” into the clock trim. There is space underneath that you can drill into, but below that is the top of your nav screen/radio. Take your time and drill carefully.

Once you’ve drilled out each of the six mounting holes, carefully screw the included mounting screws through the Comms Rail and into the plastic trim. We’d recommend screwing these in by hand instead of using a drill to ensure that you don’t over-torque the screw and crack the trim panel beneath.

Once all six screws are installed, you’re ready to go! If you’ve elected to screw the Comms Rail in place, you may begin mounting accessories immediately.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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