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Introducing our new Fog Light Replacement Brackets for the GX470. The community has clamored for a fog light replacement solution that supports your choice of LED Pods — and we've delivered.

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Stock roof rack? No problem!

Unless you’re hauling a ton of gear on your roof (center of gravity anyone?) or a rooftop tent, the reality is that you probably don’t need an expensive aftermarket roof rack. Like us, you probably just need more options to help you utilize your vehicle’s existing roof rack. With that in mind, we’ve developed a full line of mounts and accessories to help you get the most out of the stock roof rails on your GX470, 4th/5th Gen 4Runner, 1st/2nd Gen Sequoia, or 80/100/200 Series Land Cruiser or LX.

Extrusion Crossbar Brackets

These mounts give you all of the benefits of an aluminum extrusion crossbar (just like those used in the expensive aftermarket racks) to your stock roof rails. Our unique design includes integrated tie-down points and pre-cut t-nut channels so securing your gear and swapping in new accessories is a breeze.

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High / Low Brackets

The High/Low bracket is a reversible solution that allows you to mount an extrusion crossbar in either the HIGH position which raises the crossbar above the stock rails (allowing you to mount a bar longer than the stock rack) or in the LOW position which drops the extrusion crossbar as close to the roof as possible.

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Low Rider Brackets

Similar to the LOW setting of the High/Low bracket above, these are designed to mount your extrusion crossbars as close to the roofline as possible to keep a streamlined look without sacrificing function. And the integrated tie-down points allow you to secure your gear with ease.

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Awning / Accessory Mounts

So you’ve bought an awning and you have no idea how to mount it to the stock crossbars on your roof rack. These brackets make it easy to add an awning, shovel, hi-lift, or other accessory to your stock roof rails. Available in LOW, HIGH, and EXTRA TALL (for larger awnings like a 270°).

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Universal Bin Brackets

If you’re looking to ensure that your Wolf Pack, Zarges Case, or Home Depot yellow top bins don’t slip and slide around your roof during spirited offroad adventures, these are your solution. Designed with diagonal mounting slots for fine-tune fitment and integrated tie-down points for strapping things down snugly, these will secure the corners of your bins for added safety and peace of mind. (Prototype displayed here; will come in black.)

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Universal Traction Board (Maxtrax) Mounts

Our unique offset design gives you the maximum variety of mounting options: across the roof, lengthwise down the vehicle, or mounted vertically to our Awning/Accessory Brackets. (Prototype displayed here; will come in black.)

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