The GX community specifically, and the overlanding community at large, are excellent for learning and meeting people. We've compiled some of our favorite resources below. 

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The GXOR Knowledgebase

First, if you're not familiar with GXOR (GX Off Road) — go check out the community on Facebook. It's an awesome community and full of knowledge. There are also state-specific chapters if you're looking to meet up with local folks for a trail run or rigs n coffee event.

The good folks at GXOR have built up a community knowledgebase to help you learn about your rig and answer popular questions.

GX470 Parts Library

The GX470 Parts library is an attempt to collect and categorize parts options and sources to help you make the best choice for your GX470. This sheet was originated by James Kelley. We've picked up the mantle and opened up editing to all parties. Please keep additions/comments relevant and helpful or we'll have to remove the ability for everyone to edit the doc. Don’t forget to check out the Collaborators page for a few of our faves.

GX Owners Map

Want to find other GX owners nearby? Check out the map and add yourself.