How to install your GX470 Fog Light Replacement Brackets

How to install your GX470 Fog Light Replacement Brackets

What you'll need for this install:

  • 10mm socket wrench
  • 5/32" Allen wrench
  • 7/16" standard wrench

Getting Started

First, you'll need to remove the stock fog lights from your GX470. This is easy to do by removing one bolt from the backside of the bumper on each fog light assembly. Once removed, slide the fog light forward and out of the bumper then unhook the light harness. This video is a good run-down on how to remove the fog lights. 

Setting up your LED Pods

We find it easiest to get your pods installed on the brackets first, then to install the bracket and lights as a single unit. Our Fog Light Replacement Brackets are designed to be as universal as possible. We did not design them with a specific fog light in mind; the 3 mounting slots behind each light pod location should offer the necessary flexibility to mount a light of your choice. NOTE: Anything larger than a 3" pod will not fit in the vertical space of the OEM housing without further trimming. 

We opted for 2x Amazon Special light pods on each side as a "starter kit" — you can't beat $34/pair. If you want to go with fancier Bajas, Diode Dynamics, etc. of a similar size, they should fit just fine.  Begin by mounting up your lights to the brackets as you so choose. Don't tighten the pods in place too tightly yet as you may need to adjust the placement slightly once you mount them to the truck.

Ours look like this:

Mounting the Brackets

Once your light setup is dialed, you're ready to mount the brackets to your GX470. The side of the bracket that has a flat panel facing forward should align to the outside of the vehicle. 

First, remove the nuts and bolts provided with your brackets. Feed the pigtails through the fog light opening and align the bolt holes to the open holes in the bumper.

Beginning with the side furthest from the grill, place the bolt through the bracket and the hole in the bumper and then add the washer. Next, loosely thread the nut onto the bolt by reaching up through the bottom of the bumper. You should be able to see what you're doing by looking through the grill inbound from the fog lights.

Once you've loosely threaded the washer and nut onto the bolt, you're ready to start on the other side of the bracket. The hardware should stack as such:

Bolt → Washer → Bumper (through the hole where the 10mm socket used to run)  → Rubber Washer → Bracket → Nut

Start by aligning the hole in the bracket to the hole in the bumper. Feed the bolt through just enough to catch the rubber washer. Then align the bolt to the bolt hole in the bracket and push it through, sandwiching the rubber washer between the bracket and the bumper skin. Lastly, threat the nut onto the bolt. 

Now you're ready to tighten both sides of the bracket in place. Pay close attention to the placement of your LED pods and be prepared to move them slightly in order to adjust how the bracket fits in the space. 

Wiring Your Lights

Once you've mounted both sides, the rest is up to you. There are a variety of ways in which to wire up your lights. We opted for quick plugs on the back of each LED Pod. We then ran wiring through the engine bay to our Auxbeam Switch Panel which is mounted on our GX470 Under Hood Mounting Plate. This gave us the flexibility to use separate switches for the inside and outside pairs of LED Pods that we replaced our fog lights with. 

Pro-Tip: If you're going this route, mark the ends of your wires with something (blue painter's tape, for example) so that you can keep track of which pair are "inside" vs. "outside" on your brackets. 

The rest is up to you!

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