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Lexus GX470 Under-Hood Mounting Plate

Lexus GX470 Under-Hood Mounting Plate

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Designed to make mounting your under-hood switch panel or other accessories a snap, this mounting plate fits perfectly in the open space behind your fuse box giving you ready access to tap the necessary fuses while maintaining easy access to the fuse box itself. This bracket mounts to the existing threaded holes in the engine bay and requires ZERO drilling for installation.

Comes in raw aluminum which makes it easy to drill any additional holes you may need. Pre-slotted for access to feed wiring into your Auxbeam or similar switch panel and accommodates a variety of panel designs.

Note, the photos to the left are of an early prototype. The drawings (bottom) indicate the slot pattern and mounting points that will be delivered.

You will need to remove your engine bay plastic in this area to mount the bracket.

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