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Lexus GX470 Ash Tray Replacement Accessory Mount

Lexus GX470 Ash Tray Replacement Accessory Mount

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Not a smoker? No use for the ash tray that’s wasting space in your center console? Put the space to good use with our GX470 Ash Tray Replacement Mount Bracket.

Designed in-house to give you a variety of mounting options, the Ash Tray Mount comes with mounting options for a ScanGauge II device or slots for your favorite AMPS mount (we prefer Tackform mounts). What you mount there is up to you!

Mounts are friction-fit. Simply remove your ash tray by sliding it open and pulling it out. Then slide our mounting bracket into the existing ash tray slot.

Mounts will come powdercoated in matte black.

NOTE: The ash tray replacement mount WILL interfere with the opening/closing of the accessory outlet cover to the right of the ash tray. (We simply leave ours open all the time.)

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