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Universal Traction Board Mounting Brackets

Universal Traction Board Mounting Brackets

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Call them “recovery boards” or “traction boards” or “Maxtrax” — no matter how you slice it, these are one of the first things you’ll likely purchase on your journey toward overland bliss. Regardless of whether you fall into the “buy cheap and replace them if they crater” camp or the “buy one, cry once — I only use boards that end in trax” crew, you’ll need a way to store your boards. And while there are plenty of options on the market, we believe that we’ve come up with something unique.

Designed to give you the maximum variety of mounting options, our brackets come in 4.7mm powder coated (black, of course) aluminum. The unique offset design is reversible allowing you to mount them however you want:

  • Across the vehicle, mounted to a single extrusion bar.

  • Front-to-back utilizing multiple extrusion bars.

  • Directly to your stock roof rails using our Accessory Brackets.

Mounting hardware and security pins for your traction boards are not included (every mounting surface differs; choose the solution that’s best for you).

NOTE: The design has been updated slightly to work with a wider variety of traction boards (like the popular X-Bull). The last image displays the final design.

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