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Wolf Pack Organizers

Wolf Pack Organizers

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The Wolf Pack is the de facto overland storage unit of choice. And while they offer a fantastic feature set that we, too, are fans of, Wolf Packs can end up feeling a bit like the kitchen junk drawer with everything just piled in. (At least ours did!) Our Wolf Pack organizers offer a flexible solution for segmenting storage inside your bins to keep your gear organized and easy to grab with a moments notice. 

Our Wolf Pack organizers:

  • Come as a pack of 1 long divider and 2 short dividers with 3 placement options inside the bin. 
  • Are precision cut from Hardboard, a unique wood board similar to MDF. Hardboard is resistant to warping and water and is easy to modify/customize to fit your needs. One side is smooth finished and the other has a light texture to it. 
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